‘Mama I Am Afraid!’ Ukraine Displays Russian Soldier’s Last Message Home, At UN

Ukraine Displays Russian Soldier

New York: A Russian soldier in his last message to his family said that he was “afraid” and that his army was “even targeting civilians,” Ukraine’s ambassador said at the UN General Assembly session on Monday.

Ukraine’s ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya flagged the message at the UN General Assembly and said that the message was from a dead soldier’s mobile phone.

Speaking at the United Nations assembly Kyslytsya said, “I would like to read these messages from a smartphone of a killed Russian soldier.” He then showed a piece of paper with what looked like an SMS exchange between two people printed on it.

As per the message he read, the army man told his mother that the situation in Ukraine is very tough. He further said the message read that the Russian soldiers thought that people will welcome them but instead they are falling under armoured vehicles

“Mama, I am in Ukraine. There is a real war raging here. I am afraid. We are bombing all of the cities together, even targeting civilians. We were told that they would welcome us and they are falling under our armoured vehicles, throwing themselves under the wheels and not allowing us to pass. They call us fascists. Mama this is so hard,” the soldier said, according to the texts read out by the Ukrainian Ambassador.

Citing the images of the text messages, he further added, “This was several moments before he was killed. Just realise the magnitude of this tragedy.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin had started invading Ukraine on February 24 and has since been advancing to its capital Kyiv, shelling many cities.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Russian Missile had hit the Independence square of the city of Kharkiv. He termed this act of Russia as a “war crime” and “undisguised terror”. “Nobody will forgive. Nobody will forget,” Zelenskyy said. Further, he added that on the sixth day of the Russian invasion, “the defence of the capital today is the key priority for the state.”

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Russian shelling hit civilian targets in Ukraine’s second-largest city Kharkiv again Tuesday. As per the estimates by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, one million were internally displaced people in Ukraine whereas 6,60,000 fled the country.

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